hiloula of the tzadik rabbidavidoumoshe

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בס"ד Dear friends.I'll try to describe to you the ההילולא of the righteous and I hope you don't forget anything.What הילולא it was no words to describe the amount of people that came in and some were forced to sleep in the car because there were no rooms. Start from the fact that coming compliments to the Committee for the effort and the work they did.The large expansion at the entrance to the stairs to Zion were paved with re-בגרנוליט.No more mud on the legs .Next year, God willing there will be benches to sit down.Thursday noon honored us בנוכחתו the governor of the province of ווארזאזת and we got him treated like royalty. Thursday night prayer Arabic festive head a month with the Bard shines(Michelle)ativan michel abitan שהנעים us all prayers in his own voice העריב at full capacity. Friday afternoon was exciting, it was a bus of disabled veterans......To.....Young guys some amputee ןופציעות hard other.We made sure they receive a blessing from Rabbi Moshe moyal shlita.We respected them lighting candles והפייטן itzik Ricky sings them the song righteous.Like yeah we did something exceptional to Morocco והסרטנו the score at 360 degrees.Now you can see the score nicely.Meals for the Sabbath were happy . Saturday night הילולא full to the brim especially .Rabbi Meir וואקנין of Zion, Rabbi Yahya Ben Baruch came with his men and happy as usual. You probably understand some words are difficult to describe the experience, and I hope that the pictures and the video transfer the feeling הניפלאה of ההילולא. If I forgot something or someone is involved forgiveness. Oh, I almost forgot.A lot of thanks to come to Rabbi Moshe moyal shlita who contributed to and now we have hope fancy and amazing.On Friday initiated him and honest and very, very busy And once again I almost forgot deserve a lot of thanks to the two guys whose names I don't know that every night ההילולא made the effort lit candles on all the graves at Mt.

hilulla 2017

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Hi everyone.

Hillula honor of the righteous Rabbi David ouMoshe will take place this year onThursday, October 19th ,Saturday the 21st of oktober 
.Hope to see you.

hilulat tzadik 5774(2013)

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to All members of the site and Facebook group shalom. the Hillulah was amazing . i Start that i arrived Wednesday to righteous and I must say that lots and lots of thanks to Mr. Zac cabalo that Get the preparations made . synagogue and the rooms and all were clean and tidy and ready for all guests. Hillula was happy and had a lot mood . ranging peyote Bard Meir AVITAN . was also a Jewish reporter who covered the hillula for jn1.tv . was also impossible to ignore the presence lot of Breslev Chassidim at the saint . Rabbi Berland stayed with one of the guests but did not seem in public. presence of Bratslavers created some tension because of the behavior (the wives were dressed in black Taliban ) . Both evenings were filled to capacity and of course Saturday occupancy was above expectations. many prayers were said to refua shlema to the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef . , and finally thanks all the people who contributed in hillula . photographs and movies go up to the site soon .Also I forgot to mention that honord many distinguished rabbis. Rabbi Eliyahu Azulay from Paris. Rabbi Shimon Ben Tov son of Rabbi Moshe Ben Tov ז"ל (read mezuzah). Rabbi Israel Abuchatzeira son of the ז"ל Rabbi Makhlouf Abuchatzeira. Rabbi Amram Abuchatzeira son of the ז"ל Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira and many rabbis whose names I forgot my regret and forgiveness with them

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Distinguished visitors. Since the establishment of the site we encounter massive amounts of spam guestbook. we Wanted to inform you to that we work tirelessly to solve the problem. Forgiveness with you

book of the rabbi david ou moshe zt

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All my friends and followers of the righteous Rabbi David Moshe Rebbe Shalom. Hare is a yeshiva man in Israel named Maor Simhoni . Fellow tied expresses emotions to the righteous. He finished now writing a book on the history of the righteous and the stories of miracles righteous. Took him several years to collect the material for writing. publication of the book involves monetarily too much for the ability of a yeshiva student and so he turned to me. total expenditure is about 70.000 shekels (mainly editing). coming resides a way to help and of course whoever contributes memorialized in the book and get a copy fancy. privilege righteous Rabbi David Moshe Z "Ah these times you will